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Vivitek debuts at CES with seven projectors

Steven Kim

Talk about a strong opening -- this is Vivitek's first CES appearance, and it's come to Las Vegas with seven projectors. With those kind of numbers, we'll hit the highlights and leave it to you to hit the link for full details. The big light gun is the LED-packing, 1080p H608FD; not for the faint of heart at just under $20,000, but at least you'll never have to change a bulb to enjoy the 10,000:1 contrast ratio. On the other end of the scale in size and price is the $999, 5.7-pound D832MX that is a 1024x768 HT/business switch hitter. Like we said, there are five more models at the show that you're invited to peruse in the link, including the D5500 we've seen before.

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