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CES Caption contest: What happens in Vegas

Steven Kim

Ross: "Woody Woodpecker officially hits the lowest point of his career."
Tim: "World's biggest Twitter fan shows up at CES."
Ittousai: "Alien Guts from Ultra Seven?"
Ryan: "Twitter has officially jumped the shark."
Joe: "I guess Geek Squad wasn't hiring."
Thomas: "I think you should stop blowing now."
Jose: "I'm a big, big thinker."
Josh T: "The doctor will see you now."
Steve: "I'm looking for some headphones."
Chris: "Did you see that redhead bird by the Casio booth?"
Sean: "Man, I thought that pimple would pop all by itself"
Nilay: "The chicks in Vegas are crazy."
Richard: "This really reinforces my reputation as an untouchable"
Paul: "So, what do you guys think about the Pre?"

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