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HD roundup on the floor of CES 2009

Darren Murph

CES 2009 didn't seen any new size records in terms of diagonal size, but it was still a huge year for high-def. 3D was absolutely everywhere, Blu-ray players were impossible to miss and the internet finally found its way to the HDTV. For a look at all of the hands-on coverage that didn't make it over on this side of the slate, wade through the links below to get caught up.

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Read - WirelessHD hands on & recklessly-interfering
Read - Live from the '09 BDA press conference
Read - Sling Monitor in-home placeshifter hands-up
Read - TrueHD on an HTPC caught in action
Read - Eyes on Memorex's new MVBD-2520 Blu-ray player
Read - DISH Network ViP 922 HD DVR hands-on and video
Read - Hands-on with ZeeVee's ZvPro and ZvBoxPLUS
Read - Hands on with Dynaudio's updated Focus 220 II loudspeakers
Read - Video: Windows Media Center 7 with touch interface

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