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PCD says new AT&T Quickfire, T-Mobile Sidekicks coming this year

Chris Ziegler

We guess PCD's deal is that they just don't care about the traditional secrecy surrounding product pipelines. The company -- which does nothing more than run interference between carriers and second-tier manufacturers -- chronically leaks its own gear with booth graphics at trade shows, and now they've casually mentioned that there'll be a "couple" new Sidekicks coming to T-Mobile in 2009. It's about time that Danger and Sharp got together to make one of these things with 3G and / or WiFi, so that'd be cool. Also name-dropped is a new version of the Quickfire for AT&T, which seems a bit odd considering the first version just launched and already features 3G, a big touchscreen, and full QWERTY, so it's a bit unclear what they could bring to the table here. Next year, PCD expects to offer some WinMo- and Linux-based stuff (as always) and roll out some of the first devices packing LTE. PCD, we still don't entirely understand your raison d'être, but if you can seriously give us some LTE gear early next year, you've sold us.

[Via Hiptop3]

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