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.hack//Link announced in Japan

Majed Athab

Something tells us that this newly revealed title, .hack//Link, has something to do with that countdown website we mentioned on Monday. CyberConnect2's website still has two days to go before the big reveal, but this early leak of Famitsu pretty much spells everything out -- unless CyberConnect2 has something else up their sleeves.

.hack//Link is the first .hack title to leave the PS2. From the looks of it, there appears to be a new protagonist, though images from the Famitsu scan suggest that hero Haseo from the G.U. series will be in the game in some form as well. The game will apparently take place in "The World R:X" and will follow closely to the manga of the same name. We'll probably know more details about the title in the next upcoming days once CC2's timer runs out.

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