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Mad Catz talks supply, demand issues of SFIV FightStick


Speaking with Eurogamer earlier today, peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz revealed a struggle to meet UK demand for the Street Fighter IV FightStick: Tournament Edition (pictured). Considering the UK is "over there" and we're, well, over here, we wanted to see the situation report for North America.

We spoke with the company's PR head, Alex Verrey, who was surprisingly candid about the situation. The issue is that the initial production run of the $150 Tournament stick consisted of 3,000 units. The company's pre-order count is now "many, many, times that amount," which Verrey admits caught the manufacturer by surprise. The sticks are currently going back into production, but it will take a little time for turnaround. Naturally, more units were allotted for North America than Europe, but he couldn't get into numbers. Although many who order now may not get the stick day and date with SF IV's release, we were informed the company intends to make sure that pre-order demand is met.

As for the other official Street Fighter IV controllers, Verrey believes that there should be adequate supply. Another topic we discussed at length was the quality of Mad Catz products, and he asked that consumers don't think of this Mad Catz as the same one they remember. He emphasized the new Mad Catz has evolved and is focusing more on quality. He reiterated that its wares come with a two-year warranty and they are committed to better products. We've placed pricing details for the SF IV controllers after the break.

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Mad Catz Street Fighter IV Controller prices:

Tournament Stick - wired: $150
Standard (white) Stick - wired: $70 on PS3, $80 on Xbox 360
Fight Pad - only wireless on PS3: $40

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