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Conceptual interface brings gesture-based data transfers to medical realm

Darren Murph

It's pretty clear by watching the demonstration video (which is lurking in the read link, just so you know) that this stuff is still pretty preliminary, but we could definitely see it going places with the right people behind it. The Interface Database Concept was dreamed up by Alan Sien Wei Hshieh, and by utilizing a relatively simple set of Javascripts, he was able to overcome traditional platform incompatibilities that can so often hamstring medical hardware / software in day-to-day usage. The creation aims to enable "seamless and intuitive data transfer" and to "define a set of gesture and multitouch commands that will override controls and input devices that may be difficult to use on medical devices." The aforementioned vid shows off gesture-based transfers and even an accelerometer-based cross-platform transfer, both of which make you forget that we're just talking about X-rays and blood tests.

[Thanks, Kara]

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