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Massively nominated for E-ON Magazine 2009 Editor's Choice Award

James Egan

Voting in the 2009 E-ON Magazine Awards kicked off earlier this week, announced both in the current issue of E-ON, the official magazine of EVE Online, and on the game's website. The E-ON awards are a big deal in EVE, as they're a way of honoring standout players, in-game corporations, and alliances for their contributions to the game over the course of the previous year. It's also a chance for EVE's playerbase to look at the list of nominees and inevitably exclaim, "Who the hell is that?" when seeing an unfamiliar name among them. (This is perhaps a testament to how much is going on in relation to EVE's setting of New Eden, both in-game and out.)

We certainly hope no one does this when they see Massively listed in a new category established this year -- the E-ON Editor's Choice Award. The Editor's Choice Award nominees were handpicked by the E-ON team to highlight contributions to the game that might have been overlooked otherwise, or simply wouldn't fit into the other established voting categories.

Other nominees in the Editor's Choice category are:

  • Chatsubo -- a site that focuses on fiction and roleplay in EVE.
  • EV0KE Alliance
  • EVE Blog Pack -- the community collective of blogs that's picked up a great deal of momentum in 2008.
  • Jeran Tek -- the player who visited every solar system in New Eden -- all 5152 of them (at the time).
Needless to say, we're honored that we've been selected for consideration for the 2009 E-ON Magazine Editor's Choice Award, and we wish the other nominees the best of luck.

All active accounts are eligible to vote, right up to 12pm GMT on March 4th. The 2009 E-ON Award winners will be announced both online and in print, in the next quarterly issue of E-ON. You can also see what the EVE Online player base is saying about this year's awards on the official forum thread connected with the announcement.

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