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Sony boosts capacity of its mountable, high-def, BRX-series DVRs

Tim Stevens

Those used to recording dozens of hours worth of SD video on DVRs with just a few gigs of storage often have a bit of a surprise when they move into the HD realm; a couple episodes of Pushing Daisies and Lost leave no room for any other prime-time drama. While not matching TiVo's capacious 1TB HD XL, Sony is doing its part with a larger, 320GB version of its BRAVIA BRX-series DVR, the BRX-320. It can tackle about 90 hours of HD content yet is small and light enough to be mountable directly on the back of many Sony displays. No word on what price tag will be affixed when this releases in about a month, but the 250GB model is going for about $300, so you can make your own guesses. Oh, and since that earlier version hasn't made it to US shores yet, don't hold your breath on this one.

[Via AV Watch]

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