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Hyundai Mobile Europe expands to UK

Darren Murph

Here in the run-up to this year's Mobile World Congress, Hyundai Mobile Europe is hoping to steal some attention by announcing the launch of Hyundai Mobile UK. The announcement comes hot on the heels of successful handset deployments with network operators in Europe including Pannon, Mobiltel and Eplus. At least initially, the outfit will be located at the Advantage Cellular distribution hub in Oxfordshire, and it'll utilize their warehousing and logistics facility to provide a "seamless supply chain operation for the UK and Eire." Hyundai Mobile UK is ambitiously hoping to reach a market share of three to five percent in just five years, though we can't say the company's strong branding in the automotive realm is apt to help it here. Nevertheless, we'll been keenly interested to see what it brings to MWC -- who knows, maybe it'll shock the world and introduce an Android-powered watch phone.

[Via Pocket-lint, thanks Ben]

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