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Red Alert 3 brings RTS warfare to PS3 this March

Majed Athab

Just a week ago we learned that a PS3 version of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was ready for pre-order, but now we know a bit more about when to expect the RTS mainstay to appear on our console. That date is "late March," and though we're a bit disappointed to be given a relatively vague date, it's comforting to know that RA3 is only two months away -- and pimping quite a hefty amount of exclusive goodies.

It also looks like PS3 gamers will also experience a unique way to play RA3 as the latest press release from EA points to the inclusion of a "Command Stick 2.0 interface." Whatever could that mean? Perhaps a quick look at this PS3-focused trailer located above would give us a clue.

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