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Red Alert 3 'Ultimate Edition' marches to PS3 in ... March


Electronic Arts has officially announced Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Ultimate Edition for PlayStation 3. The additional features setting this one -- due to arrive in March -- apart from the Xbox 360 and PC versions were revealed last week, when the title was listed for pre-order on the EA Store.

The only thing that we're a little curious about is this tidbit: "PlayStation 3 gamers will navigate ... via the Command Stick 2.0 interface." This is allegedly an "intuitive control system" designed for players of various skills. We've contacted EA to find out more and will update if we hear anything. Sounds like a fancy term for, "This RTS is playable on your controller, we promise!"

Update: EA answers our query after the break.

EA response:
"The Command Stick is the name for our control system on the consoles. The first version was in Kane's Wrath, which shipped last year in June on Xbox 360. As you'll notice in some screenshots, like the one [below] here, the interface allows you to pull up your queues with the trigger, while using the right stick to call out commands on the fly, from anywhere on the battlefield. You can manage individual units, create control groups, check on build progress from any structure, etc. from any point on the map at any time. ... Red Alert 3 represents the latest step forward in that progress.

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