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ESRB confirms Guitar Hero Metallica songs, presence of succubi


The ESRB just rated Guitar Hero Metallica, and in its synopsis gave away lyrics to four of the songs that would appear in the game. Thanks to Game Informer, we knew about the presence of "Armed and Ready" by MSG, but Destructoid discovered three fresh specimens:
  • "Am I Evil?" by Metallica
  • "Whiplash" by Metallica
  • "Mommy's Little Monster" by Social Distortion
Some of the lyrics that the ESRB pointed out include "sweet and timely whore, take me home" and "We're gathered here to maim and kill." My, they are terribly rock 'n roll, aren't they? Also CONFIRMED: one of the selectable guitarists is "a fantastical succubus with cleavage and panties."

[Via Destructoid]

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