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WRUP: Lunar Festival edition


The Lunar Festival will be starting tomorrow and though the WoW Insider team is doing all of their usual leveling and raiding and PvPing and whatever else they do... but with the achievement system and its associated swanky titles (and the long-term promise of a Violet Proto-Drake), everyone's going to be interested in hunting down Elders. (Hunting, at least, in the friendliest possible way.)

And our resident Priest, Matticus? He's clearly fallen to the dark side.

Matt Low: Whipping out Jin Rock. Time to level the Ret Pally of Doom.

For the rest of the team -- and to chime in with what you're doing this weekend -- read on!

Adam Holisky: Getting my Shaman to 68 and heading to Northrend!
Alex Ziebart: My 10-man has its eyes set on 3 Drake Sartharion. 1 Drake and 2 Drakes only took a couple of hours each, but I suspect 3 Drakes will give us nightmares for weeks.
Allison Robert: I'll be doing more Icecrown quests, spending some time with friends, and knocking off more achievements toward Glory of the Hero. Getting very close. :)
Amanda Miller: I'll be doing some Azerothian raiding, as well as Eye of Eternity. I'll also be hitting up the Lunar Festival and working on the achievements.
Chase Christian: Testing out my S5 daggers and probably leveling my alt Paladin (from one OP class to another, right?)
Daniel Whitcomb: I'm still merrily plugging away on my Death Knight. I think this may be the weekend I actually powerlevel a trade skill on him, probably inscription. I'm also considering starting on old world quests for the achievements and the mounts at exalted with the various Alliance factions.
Dan O'Halloran: Getting to 79 on my Druid, just not sure if I'm doing it I'm going to do it as Cat for fast leveling or Moonkin for instance fun. May also powerlevel Inscription to start working on a Nobles deck.
Elizabeth Harper: Collecting coins of ancestry (and associated reputation!) on as many characters as I can manage in a single weekend.
Elizabeth Wachowski: Finishing up Icecrown quests on my paladin and making some money from mining and ... who am I kidding? The actual answer is getting frustrated with the lag and playing Fallout 3. Also considering rolling a skinning/herb alt, but I think I've been spoiled by my Pally. When you can tank, heal and DPS, who needs an alt?
Krystalle Voecks: Most of this weekend is slated for finishing up my final drafts of papers due next week. That said, I'm going to try to get a little WoW time in this weekend as I'm piddling around at L74 and most of my guild has blown past me on at least two characters. If I'm really lucky I'll get to play the Fable II DLC I downloaded last week too.
Lisa Poisso: I might ... just MIGHT ... actually play an alt I have tucked away somewhere.
Matt Rossi: I am considering going back to the Horde. My alliance characters bore me and I miss tanking. So I'm playing various alts trying to find one I like.
Michael Gray: After being away from home for 10 days, I'm looking to spend some couple-time in Northrend.
Michael Sacco: Trying in vain for T7 tokens for my DK against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Considering lobotomy every time I log on to my 55 Priest.
Robin Torres: I'll be touring the Lunar Festival with as many alts as possible.
Zach Yonzon: Trying to configure my Razer Lachesis for a Mac. There's no Mac driver, so I have a new mouse with ironically fewer usable buttons than my older DeathAdder. If I actually get this thing to work, it's going to be one hell of a weekend for PvP.

So that's what we're doing around WoW Insider HQ, but what are you playing this weekend?

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