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Willcom's BAUM and WX340K handsets are clearly delicacies

Darren Murph

Only in a market where a diamond-studded mobile sells out in three days during economic turmoil will you find a not-too-riveting handset being served up for brunch. Over at what we can only assume was a lively presser in Japan, Willcom has taken the wraps off of its WX340K flip phone and ultrathin BAUM candybar (both crafted by Kyocera). Outside of style alone, neither phone is all that mesmerizing, with the former packing a 2.7-inch QVGA display, two megapixel camera with AutoFocus, POP / SMPT support and a NetFront browser; the latter simply changes it up with a 2.4-inch LCD. Both critters fully support the FeliCa e-wallet system, though pricing and availability details seem to be missing. More completely odd hands-on shots are in the read link.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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