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Breakfast Topic: Are you going for Elder?


So with the Lunar Festival finally upon us, many people are probably turning their eyes toward the "To Honor One's Elders" achievement. Even if they don't plan to wear the shiny new title, they'll probably want it if only for a shot at the Violet Proto-Drake. I myself am certainly no exception, and am currently running through Azeroth, paying my respects to the elders and getting those coins.

One thing I did notice is that this holiday does have a few high level intensive requirements in the form of the Elders of the Dungeons. Not only do you have to be level 80, but you're going to have to delve into multiple high level dungeons to get all the credit you need for that title.

It's going to take a bit more work than before, so I'm wondering if people are flagging yet on pushing for that Proto-Drake. I know, at the least, that I will probably focus on getting the title for my Death Knight and make my Hunter and Warlock wait another year. What about you? Are you still forging ahead to get the Elder achievement? Are you focusing on getting it for one character, or are you planning to get multiple characters into those dungeons?

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