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The Joystiq Free Game Club: Closure

Justin McElroy

We usually use this space in the Free Game Club post to expound a bit on the gameplay of the week's subject. But we're not going to do that this time. No, the last thing we'd want to give away is the delightful, mind-bending mechanic that Closure is built around.

Instead of spoiling all the fun, we'll spend our time trying to convince you that you absolutely need to check this game out. Would it sway you to know it was created by Tyler Glaiel, half of the team behind the delightful Aether? What if we informed you that it had a gorgeous, willowy look to which the above screenshot can't do justice? Would that make you more likely to click?

If you're still not swayed, continue and read the comments below from readers that have come before. Who can you trust, if not the Joystiq BioMass?

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