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Five iPhone games worth checking out

Cory Bohon

We had such a great response to our Six iPhone Games still worth playing that we decided to do a follow up. In this post, I'm going to tell you about 5 new iPhone games that are new, and look very promising.

Trivial ($4.99 each)
If you are a fan of trivia then you will love Trivial [iTunes link]. Trivial is interesting because it is not just one application -- it is actually a collection of six iPhone applications that together create a set of trivia games. There's an app for History, Movies, Pop Culture, Sciences, Sports, and Technology. Each Trivial app includes thousands of different questions that will tax your brain into thinking of the correct answer.

Trivial includes two great ways of playing the game: single player, or networked. In single player mode, you are able to choose between four different game types: Endless, Endurance, 100 Questions, and Timeless. Endless keeps throwing questions at you until you can't handle it any longer. Endurance will test your knowledge and reaction time by allowing you to answer questions until you get one wrong -- when you get one right, the scoring is based on how quickly you answered. 100 Questions allows you to answer a hundred questions in a row to see how many you get right. Timeless gives you the same great Trivial game without having to worry about the clock ticking. There is even an online score board that allows you to post your scores and compete against other Trivial players.

Playing a game of Trivial over the network is absolutely amazing. Handshake (an app by the same company) is the technology that powers Trivial's networked play feature. When you tap "Multiplayer" you have the ability to either host a new game or join a game that someone else set up. In addition, you can play against the computer. Joining a game is as simple as being in the same vicinity as the person you're playing against (the app uses Core Location to find your location using GPS/Cell Triangulation) or typing in someone's handle. You can easily choose any name you want under the "Settings."

In addition to all this, the application also includes several Pixel-licious themes to choose from (my favorite is Corkboard and Electronic Glow). The music in the game is also just too cool ... the pace of the music will change based on the difficulty of the question. If Trivia is your thing, this is a must-have. You can check out Trivial on the iTunes App Store -- each version is available for $4.99US each. My personal favorite versions is Trivial Science and Trivial Technology.

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I Love Virus ($1.99)
I Love Virus: no really, I do. No, not those new Mac trojans, but the new iPhone game. The premise of the game is to follow a "young virus-in-training" as it makes its way through mazes and obstacles. The game is basically a cooler mixture of Dig Dug and Pac-Man.

As you move throughout the course you will receive different power-ups and abilities, some of which include the ability to eat enemies or speed up. There are over 30 different levels, each with their own styling. There are also three game modes (selectable in the settings): Regular, Clones Everywhere!, and Enemies Can Use Speed Power-ups -- each of these different types of game play can drastically change the the game.

You move the virus around by sliding your finger up/down/left/right to move throughout the maze. Since reviewing, an update has been issued to the App Store to allow the virus to move faster, it can also expand and contract when the virus accepts input. There is also better artwork. You can check out I Love Virus in the iTunes App Store for just $1.99US -- and that price will buy you several hours of gameplay.

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Continue reading for more iPhone games worth checking out.

iShoot (free lite version, $2.99)
iShoot is a action/military based game that allows you to enter combat with a fleet of tanks. You get to choose your own weapons, which is composed of 25 different ones including: missiles, shells, and nuclear weapons. With these weapons you can easily blast your way through the enemy (and through surrounding buildings). The best part? The explosions look real. Not to mention the explosion sounds.

You can add up to four local players, and three computer players. You can also choose between 5, 10, 15, 20, or infinite number of rounds. In addition, the difficulty can be changed from easy to medium, hard, or extreme.

iShoot could easily offer a few hours of gameplay. You can pick up a lite version of iShoot for free on the iTunes App Store, or the full version for just $2.99US.

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Arcade Bowling ($1.99 for limited time)
Do you remember those cool bowling games from your childhood days? You know the ones at the carnival or arcade? Yeah, those were pretty cool, weren't they? Now you can relive your childhood memories with Arcade Bowling [iTunes link] right on your iPhone. Now the timeless pleasure of playing at the carnival or arcade can be relived in your next boring meeting!

Playing this game feels really natural because you are flicking upward to bowl the ball. Touch near the bottom of the screen and you can pick up a ball, then just drag it left/right and flick upward. The ball will then slide toward the goal line and you will receive the points that it lands on.

The graphics in the game look great, and the gameplay is fun. While you probably won't be playing this game for hours on end, it will definitely provide you with a fun game of Arcade Bowling while commuting to/from work, or when you just need a break. You can grab this game from the App Store for just $1.99US while it's on sale for a limited time. In addition, you can check out the same developer's Arcade Hoops Basketball game.

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Brain Thaw ($.99)
Continuing with great Puzzle games comes Brain Thaw [iTunes link]. Not only is this game nicely designed and well thought-out, but it is also a lot of fun. According to the developer, this game will "keep your brain sharp." While we don't know about that, we do know that this game combines fun and learning all in one.

In the game you play Newton who is a geeky penguin who likes to eat numbers. In order to play the game, you need to eat the numbers that matches a certain rule given to you. For instance, you might be given a rule of "Multiple of 3" -- you would then eat all the numbers that is a multiple of 3. Be sure to watch out for the Yetis that will occasionally come out of their habitat in hopes of feasting on the geeky penguin.

For $.99, this game is definitely worth purchasing, and will give you tons of gameplay. I could definitely see myself playing this, but I could also see this game helping kids in elementary school learn multiples and other math principles.

You can get Brain Thaw on the iTunes App Store for $.99US.

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