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Glacier2: It's like Twisted Metal, only you drive down mountains


Team6 Game Studios is looking to rock the socks off one and all Wii gamers with its new title, Glacier2. This game has grabbed the rule book and thrown it right out the window. Instead of tasking the player with ascending a mountain most deadly and cold, the game will start you at the top of the mountain, asking you to get down alive.

As evidenced by the game's box art, you drive a machine of death across 18 different levels in the game. You won't be confined to just one vehicle, either, as the title will feature 7 different rides, each with their own unique set of weapons. Don't bother asking how these rides got to the top of the Alps in the first place (or, subsequently wonder why that method can't be used for extraction).

Such lines of thinking will only cause your brain to melt.

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