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Square Enix confirms Yosumin Live, more XBLA ports on the way

Earlier this month, a number of screengrabs for what appeared to be an Xbox Live Arcade port of Square Enix's popular portable puzzler, Yosumin, leaked out of various enthusiast press sites. If they looked legit, it's because they totally were. In a press release heralding the Japanese XBLA launch of Crystal Defenders (a port of a Squeenix mobile strategy game), the company revealed that its second Live Arcade project would, in fact, be a port of the aforementioned portable puzzler, titled Yosumin Live.

This is exciting news for block-swapping puzzle fans, but the real megaton comes later in the presser: "Beginning with these two games, Square Enix plans to release a steady stream of its popular titles -- as well as original content -- on Xbox LIVE Arcade." Try not to let your brain catch fire as you begin a marathon session of fevered speculation.

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