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AT&T adds record number of U-verse TV subscribers in Q4

Darren Murph

AT&T's overall Q4 earnings may have dipped 23.6 percent, but its U-verse unit has a few things going for it. Aside from passing the coveted one million mark in customers during the course of last quarter, the company also added a best-ever 264,000 U-verse TV customers. Moreover, the build currently reaches some 17 million living units, but we are told a bit of unfortunate news in terms of future expansion. Remember those plans to "more than double U-verse TV availability by 2010?" Yeah, that has already slipped into 2011, barely a month after the 2010 date was frantically shot out. Alright Verizon, time to get your deployment teams out of Massachusetts and make AT&T regret this, wouldn't you say?

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