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Fan made H3 machinima re-creates Blomkamp's 'Landfall'

Dustin Burg

Back in 2007, movie director Neill Blomkamp put together a three piece spectacle of Halo-sized proportions called Halo: Landfall. The all live action video was a glimpse of what the (now dead) Halo movie could have been if Blomkamp's movie magic were applied.

Well, two enthusiastic Halo fanboys took it upon themselves to re-create the entire Landfall film experience as a machinima using Halo 3's game engine. Admittedly, UNSC soldiers are swapped out for Spartans and Brutes are replaced with Elites, but other than that, the video is spot on. Oh how we miss the days when our Halo film dreams were still a possibility ... sigh.

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