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Future's future in print not looking bright in the US

Jem Alexander

Despite an uptick in UK magazine sales it seems that Future Publishing is not seeing quite as encouraging numbers in the US. Its magazines in the region (Nintendo Power and the official Microsoft and Sony mags) have seen the company's revenue fall by 2% over the last three months, calling into question how sustainable that particular medium is in the current economic climate.

Print advertising revenues fell by 4% during the same period, while online advertising revenue increased by 25%. 2 million new users have been accessing its web content (which includes GamesRadar) since September, bringing the total to over 20 million. A far larger reach than is realistically possible with a magazine. All the signs are pointing to the death of print media in the US; you need only think back a few weeks to the closure of EGM to realize that.

Future is putting on a brave face, stating that it will "remain confident that we're in the best shape we can be to deal with whatever challenges lie ahead and are on track to deliver against expectations for the full year." The company's gaming section is proving to be less resilient to the economic crisis than its other sectors, such as music or technology. With almost a third of its entire library devoted to video games, however, this decline is certainly troubling.

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