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Gears of War 2: Microsoft flubs gold Lancer offer [update]

A Microsoft representative has informed Joystiq that the public availability of the Gears 2 Gold Lancer was made in error. Yesterday, we reported that the exclusive Collector's Edition weapon had appeared on the Marketplace for all to wield.

According to the rep, everyone who obtained the Gold Lancer from the Marketplace will have the item removed from their games in an upcoming fix, in order to keep the weapon exclusive to Gears 2 Collector's Edition consumers. "We're currently attempting a fix that will expire all codes that were unexpectedly released in error through Xbox LIVE Marketplace," the representative noted.

How Microsoft will remove (or possibly disable) the art asset file and differentiate between legitimate owners and those who grabbed the guns as they fell off the back of the truck is unclear. A request for clarification on how or when the fix would be implemented has gone unanswered, but we'll update you as soon as we know more.

Update: While the original listing for the Gold Lancer remains on the Marketplace, the item now shows a price of 99999. Gold Lancers received through the error have yet to be removed.

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