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Sony narrows the Blu-ray disc pricing gap

Steven Kim

We've seen Blu-ray hardware prices falling, and now Sony is attacking the software side of the equation by putting a $3 dent in the Blu-ray vs. DVD pricing gap. Coming out in major metro area Sunday newspapers, the coupons for selected titles are a stab at boosting Blu-ray sales in the face of increasing competition from rental, VOD (video on demand) and internet distribution, not to mention the tough economic times that have consumers holding the purse strings tightly. It's kind of a perfect storm of challenges for Blu-ray, but the physical disc model still has some things going for it (for both consumers and studios); let's just hope this offer marks the beginning of a new trend for more studios and more titles. After all, people have to have something to fill those new HDTVs with, right?

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