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UK gaming market could eclipse Japan's in '09

Dustin Burg

In all its infinite wisdom, MCV is predicting that the UK video game market will overtake the Japanese market sometime in 2009. Oh really? As far as having proof to back up its prediction, MCV supplies hard facts and some pro-UK mathematical sales figures.

According to its research, the Japanese market is worth £520,000, but has been steadily declining by about 15% year-on-year. Not good. By comparison, the UK market has been flourishing, growing by 18.5% year-on-year and is expected to reach a 2009 market value of £4.77 billion. Japan's 2009 market is on target to reach a "meh"-inducing £3.86 billion. Knowing this, if Japan were to take on the UK in a no-holds-barred, industry smackdown event of global proportions, we'd totally pay-per-view it.

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