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Killzone 2: Introducing the ... introduction


Killzone 2 has never lacked in the pre-rendered department. Heck, the game's most famous (or is that: infamous?) for its unbelievable visual razzle-dazzle. All smoke and mirrors or not, this is the official intro cinematic that's included in the game. Pre-rendered, in-engine, whatever -- it's definitely not playable. So sit back, dim the lights, and enjoy.

[Warning: Video contains some rough language and a few kabooms. Plug in your earphones if the boss is nearby.]

Curious about Killzone 2? Check out our ridiculously informative FAQ, featuring everything from button layout to release date to Trophies to multiplayer analysis, and more! And if that don't do it for ya? Then proceed directly to our hands-on preview of the single-player campaign.

Oh, and stay tuned for our official review coming next week!

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