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Newest 1UP blog a haven for RPG and MMO fans alike

Kyle Horner

There's a saying that goes, "Teach a man to level up, and you'll satisfy him for a lifetime. But teach a man to grind, and you'll satisfy him for several hundred hours bereft of showering."

We don't really know where these wise words came from, but they obviously reached the ears of the very first MMORPG developers. Today, if you're not grinding away at something, then you're obviously doing something incorrectly. And it seems like the guys 'n gals over at would agree. Their newest blog to focus on one aspect in videogaming is, in fact, all about the many facets of RPGs -- including the massively multiplayer online variety.

While there isn't anything about our beloved persistent online worlds up just yet, we're sure there'll be tasty words to chew upon soon enough. We'll be keeping a lookout for you, just in case your busy day can't handle the kind of obsessive news and information tendencies we here at Massively indulge in at a constant tick.

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