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Plenty of gems in virtual tour video of Mythic Entertainment offices

Brooke Pilley

The WAR Vault was lucky enough to get an exclusive sneak peek behind the walls of Mythic Entertainment and they captured it on video for all Warhammer Online fans to see. The tour goes way beyond the well-known paper mache squigs and walls of concept art. They actually chat with staff members from many of of the teams including community, combat and careers, RvR, art, design, and even speak with general manager, Mark Jacobs.

Staff members are more than happy to answer fluffy questions like: What got you into gaming? and What has been your favourite MMO experience so far? They also field more pressing questions like: How is the RvR/PvE balance? How will the Slayer differ from the table top game? What's changed about the Choppa since he was pulled from beta? What's next for RvR? and How do you attempt to balance 24 careers?

Mark Jacobs even fields questions on the most difficult challenge a developer faces making an MMO (expectations) and when we can expect to see a official WAR expansion (they won't be following the old one-expansion-per-year model).

Finally, there are even two tiny teasers: 1) a massive pendulum is swinging back and forth in-game, while two developers discuss how the players will interact with it in an RvR setting and 2) Mark Davis talks about some of the interesting mechanics behind the Twisting Tower scenario (bring a barf bag if you experience motion sickness).

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