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Verizon's FiOS TV expansions: January 31, 2009

Darren Murph

This week, Verizon was busy adding HD channels to the locales it already served rather than deploying FiOS in new places. That aside, the biggest news of the week is undoubtedly that involving the pullout form Wilmington, Delaware. If you'll recall, we heard back in November of 2008 that Verizon was gunning to get FiOS TV into The First State, but just yesterday it issued a notice declaring that "after months of negotiations and numerous concessions by Verizon, the parties could not agree on terms that would enable Verizon to compete effectively and serve customers in Wilmington, something we have been able to do successfully with more than 1,300 franchising authorities across the country." Ouch. For the rest of this week's FiOS news, you know where to look.

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