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Jane Jensen's Gray Matter may puzzle Wii owners


Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight games were rare commodities: mid-'90s FMV-based games that weren't amazingly terrible (okay, so just the second one was FMV-based). While Vivendi has the rights to that series, Jensen has been working on a new adventure game, Gray Matter, for a few years. Gray Matter is the story of a neurobiologist and his assistant, who must investigate both his reappearing dead wife and his history of creepy experiments. And also solve puzzles, obviously.

In a retrospective Gabriel Knight interview with Edge, Jensen said that Wii fans may have reason to watch the constant delays of the point-and-click adventure game: "There are plans for a Wii port of Gray Matter, and I hope it happens." The website currently says it's "coming soon 2009", so, barring further delays, we can expect to hear more about this purported Wii version ... sometime this year.

[Via Cubed3]

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