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Christie LX1000 projector delivers 10,000 retina-searing lumens

Steven Kim

Do you know when you don't need to worry about drawing the blackout shades and dimming the lights for projector use? When your projector cranks out 10,000 lumens, that's when. The Christie LX1000 is just such a beast, even though it looks to be a twin brother of the Sanyo PLC-XF71. For its part, the LX1000 is a dual-lamp, 3LCD setup with 10-bit image processing. The motorized lens shift and focus controls are to be expected at this level, but a nice 20,000 lumen surprise awaits you if you stack a couple of LX1000s. The good news is tempered somewhat by looking at the other LX-series models, which deliver 1024x768 resolution. Christie's not sharing pricing info, but this model has got to sit between the $18,000 LX900 and the $30,000 LX1500.

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