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Mystery 3G network appears in Canada -- tomfoolery from Bell and Telus?


Seems Howardforums user Treatz glimpsed a new MCC / MNC (Mobile Country Code / Mobile Network Code) tuple in Toronto Canada early yesterday, say hello to 302-640. Why should you, and why do we care? Well, each network uses an MCC / MNC, to uniquely identify itself and Fido has 307-370, Rogers 302-720, and Telus 302-86. We hunted down a great reference in the CNA (many thanks to Glenn at Canadian Numbering Administrator) and what do you know, 302-806 is Telus / Bell shared but 302-640 is Bell Canada. So the question is, could this be some late night testing of Bell and Telus' upcoming 3G network by some Bell people? We're not in the Toronto area, but would really dig it if anybody who happens to be up late at night could have a peek and see if this pops up for them -- because if people are seeing this all over, that's nothing but a good thing.

[Via Howardforums]

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