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Sony's LocationPorter transmits video over 3G at a price you can't afford


At an estimated market price of about $17,900 a pop we don't plan on seeing too many of these in the wild, but if you have a pressing need to broadcast high quality video sans-cables, this is definitely worth a peep: Sony's LocationPorter RVT-SD100 is a big box worn on a strap (not unlike the camcorders of old), but instead of rocking unwieldy cassette tape, this guy streams video back to the station via LAN or 3G, where yet another LocationPorter renders it suitable for transmission. This device uses the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile codec and supports video resolution up to 352 x 240. A single 3G connection yields the bandwidth needed for up to 15 fps (with up to 160 kbps audio), while those of you shelling out for two 3G cards -- and at these prices, why not? -- can rock up to 64 fps (320 kbps audio). If you go with the LAN option, you can get up to 30 fps (at 1024 kbps). And it's definitely a lot safer than Al Franken's head mounted satellite dish. Video after the break

[Via Akihabara]

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