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eSATA HDD Extender may / may not expand PS3 storage

Darren Murph

We're not saying the mildly brilliant eSATA HDD Extender wouldn't work in theory, but we're a bit skeptical about the, um, realness of this here product. Unlike Team Xecuter's Hard Drive Xtender, which is definitely shipping to buyers, this device supposedly gives Sony's PlayStation 3 the ability to recognize an external eSATA drive. Furthermore, the device also adds four USB ports for even more connectivity, and given just how sweet this looks beneath the console, we'd say some serious thought went into the design. Sadly, there's no real indication of where the PS3 HD Plus PHE-01 will be sold, and even if you are able to locate one, the installation is a few notches above "drop dead simple."

[Via Joystiq PlayStation]

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