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Vizio Super Bowl ad kicks off million dollar 55-inch LCD giveaway


Forget the 3D, Vizio's "If your TV doesn't say spent too much" ad (embedded after the break if you haven't seen it yet) probably had viewers nodding knowingly at their V nameplate, being restrained from throwing objects through their (presumably overpriced) display, or wondering where the upstart manufacturer turned premium brand got the stones to call out THEIR high quality HDTV. Whatever your reaction was, you probably like free stuff, and Vizio apparently didn't blow it's whole marketing load on a plain-jane $3 million Super Bowl ad, stashing away another million dollars worth of 50,000:1 contrast ratio 55-inch XVT model LCDs in 28 weekly drawings from now until August 14. Check the website for details (visits are apparently up 400% since the ad, hopefully not too many of those were offended plasma owners), unless you're holding out for the new models.

[Via PR Newswire]

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