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A new Street Fighter IV national tournament appears!


Are you 'that guy' at the arcade? The guy calmly defeating challenger after challenger on the gray market Street Fighter IV cabinet, milking your dollar bill for all it's worth? You know, the guy stealing all our money? Well how would you feel if we told you that Capcom is partnering up with GameStop and the EVO Championship Series to bring you the very first Street Fighter IV National Tournament? Your head would explode?! Uh oh, maybe we should have kept this to ourselves...

Anyway, starting on February 21st at "locations EVERYWHERE" (warning: PDF link), GameStop will hold the first of three rounds determining the best of the best SFIV players in the country. Following that, the second round will take place on February 28th at "regional stores" and second-round victors will move on to the semi-finals on March 14th. Finally, the 16 winners of the semi-finals will be flown to San Francisco for the final competition, where they'll all receive the upcoming SFIV Mad Catz arcade sticks and fighting pads, limited edition tournament belts and a place in the semi-final bracket at the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas. But what, pray tell, does the winner of the final round get? How about an official Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet? If you haven't already burst out the door and run to a GameStop to sign up, you may want to do so posthaste.

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