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LCD "overdrive" gets explained, lamented


There's plenty of well known problems that plague LCD monitors, but the folks at have set out to bring some attention to one of the decidedly lesser known issues, somewhat deceptively dubbed "overdrive." That is a technique some LCD manufactures use to artificially boost response times by increasing the voltage used to make liquid crystals change state, which does in fact increase the response time, but also has the nasty side effect of input lag and what's known as "inverse ghosting." While both likely go unnoticed by the majority of users, they are each able to be easily demonstrated and, as they say, once you see it, you likely won't be able to unsee it. The good news is that each issue can be easily tested, and Bit-tech commends LG in particular for switching to a new technique known as "Through Mode," that actually increases response time while also eliminating lag. Be sure to hit up the link below for the complete rundown, complete with plenty of helpful pics and videos.

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