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Epic looks to overhaul Gears 2 ranking system with third title update

Dustin Burg

With the third Gears of War 2 title update in development, Epic's Rod Fergusson just informed us that they're looking to overhaul the game's online ranking system. Instead of showing ranks based on the broken complex TrueSkill system, they want to implement a ranking structure based on cumulative experience. One that rewards players points for every game played.

"What if, instead of skill rank, we instead showed your experience level," proposes Fergusson. "You would gain experience through your individual performance" adding, that the "higher your score at the end, the more experience you acquire." A system that sounds similar to Call of Duty 4 or even Halo 3. Mr. Fergusson mentions that the max level cap would hover around 99 and achievements could be added to reward ranking progression.

Be sure to know that this third title update has no firm release date, nor are the changes Fergusson mentions guaranteed to be included. But if Epic knows what's good for them - and we're sure they do - a new ranking system will be implemented. We support change!

[Via NeoGAF]

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