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Namco planning to reboot Dead to Rights in Q4 2009

Hey, remember Dead to Rights, that mediocre shooter you played in aught-two that inspired you to teach your pekingese how to bite the hands off of gun-toting criminals? If the mention of that particular franchise summons fuzzy nostalgia, we've got great news -- according to a preview in the upcoming issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Namco is bringing the series back to life after almost four years of inactivity with an entirely new installment, simply titled Dead to Rights.

The game is being developed by Volatile Games (the minds behind Reservoir Dogs, which doesn't exactly fill us with confidence), and is coming out on the PS3 (and according to 1UP, possibly the 360 as well). As the numberless and subtitleless moniker would suggest, the game is neither a prequel, sequel or off-shoot, but a reimagining of the series. For instance, instead of a bloodthirsty malamute, Shadow will be a slobbering French Mastiff. Also, the hard-nosed detective will be played by Tom Hanks. Rather than kill criminals, they'll get into playful shenanigans.

Fine, we're describing Turner & Hooch. How long do we have to wait for a video game adaptation of that heartwarming masterpiece?

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