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Leaked Fido roadmap shows Q1 sets, typos, errors?


We're not so sure what to make of this -- and would put very little weight in it until we hear otherwise -- as the title's typo and obvious lack of 3yr plans that carriers love up here make it seem a bit sketch. Though, as the pic is hollering, we can purportedly expect the Samsung F266 tomorrow, SE T303 in early March, LG TE365 late March, and the recycled Motorola W233 on April 22. This thing is all a mess, though stranger things have happened, and it could all pan out. Hopefully we'll hear something either way in the near future.

Update: As reader clay rightly points out, feature phones no longer have 3-year deals -- though they do still exist for sets like the recently launched BlackBerry. So with that out of the way, we just have the shifty typo left.

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