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The Conduit coming June 9th, Animales de la Muerte no longer WiiWare


Talking to Nintendo World Report, High Voltage's Eric Nofsinger officially dated the now officially not-terrible The Conduit. The hyped FPS is scheduled for release in North America on June 9. Unfortunately, the company confirmed that the game will not include local multiplayer. However, that news may be overshadowed (for us, at least) by the mere mention of High Voltage's other game.

Normally, with a game as scarcely covered as Animales de la Muerte, we'd say something like "Hey, remember Animales de la Muerte?" when news about it finally pops up. But of course we all remember Animales de la Muerte. There is no way anyone could have forgotten a game about a Mexican zoo full of zombie animals. And now we have some news to report about the game that is, more than anything else, the reason we're looking forward to The Conduit (when it's out, High Voltage can put more resources into this!).

Animales isn't dead! It remains undead, of course, but High Voltage is actually planning on releasing it -- on a disc! High Voltage scrapped plans to deliver the game via WiiWare when it became apparent that it wouldn't fit in the 40mb limit set for WiiWare games, due to its "focus on comedy and its accompanying large quantity of audio".


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