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Rockstar ditches Amazon, goes with iTunes for music partnership


There's a neat feature in GTA IV that allows players to identify and purchase any of the songs appearing on the various radio stations of Liberty City. It's called ZiT! and may be accessed at any time through the cellphone in-game, but the MP3 itself is delivered to the user through Rockstar's Social Club site, thanks to a partnership between Rockstar and Amazon. With the new The Lost & The Damned expansion set to hit in one week and update five of the game's radio stations, Rockstar has ended its relationship with Amazon and is instead going with Apple's iTunes Variety's Cut Scene blog reports.

Apple recently killed DRM throughout iTunes -- that, plus the number of folks using the service regularly, seems to be the winning combination for Rockstar. The switch will take effect when The Lost & The Damned releases on February 17.

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