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'GTA IV: Lost and Damned' Xbox unboxed in a moving vehicle


You probably don't have enough Grand Theft Auto IV-branded Xbox 360 Elite consoles laying around the house -- because one is never enough -- so prepare to set your mood to "envy" as you check out the kit that Gamertag Radio got their hands on. The GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Xbox is a limited edition of 190 copies and not available in any stores, so if you're really really in desperate need of one of these things (say, to play the exclusive content that Rockstar and Microsoft have partnered up to release, of which The Lost and Damned is the first installment) you'd better know a guy -- or have plenty of cash to throw at eBay. In the meantime, we have some pics for you below, and be sure to check out the giddy unboxing videos after the break.

Gallery: GTA IV: Lost and Damned Xbox 360 Elite unboxed in a moving vehicle | 3 Photos

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