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Warlock pets to get some love

Zach Yonzon

Just in time for the Love is in the Air event, Eyonix made a short note on the forums to say that some love is coming the way of Warlock pets. However, he makes no promises as to the timetable for this -- probably to defuse any high hopes that it will make it in time for Patch 3.1 (remember the Hunter no more ammo fiasco?).

Although Warlock pets have been improved somewhat, their contribution to Affliction and Destruction DPS is marginal, at best. While these demons may not be buffed to the level of Hunter pets, their contribution to DPS and utility needs a little more tweaking, and the increased HP change in Patch 3.0.8 and modest DPS increase is a start. Eyonix gives absolutely no details about what improvements are on the table, but many Warlocks have had great input on the forums. We'll have to stay tuned.

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