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Forum post of the day: Great idea, poor implementation

Amanda Dean

I'm still moderately excited for dual specs on my level 80 characters, it should be handy for switching between raids/instances and dailies. Cvarto of Proudmore began a thread about poor implementation about only allowing level 80 characters to use this feature. He fears that players will level as a single spec and have to relearn the other options for their class once they hit level 80.

GC's reasoning is that MMOs are overwhelming for new players to learn without working with two specializations. Cvarto contends that it still more difficult to learn a completely new aspect of the game, such as tanking, at level 80. I'd like to add that most players have little patience for inexperienced tanks and healers at max level.

I'm kind of disheartened about GC's news that dual specs will require max level. Sounds like business as usual, respecs will still be a royal pain in the rear for up and coming tanks and healers. I was fine leveling my Death Knight and my Druid, but Shaman was downright painful. I was constantly switching between resto to heal instances and back to elemental to grind quests.

Zarhym assured the OP that expanding the level range that can use dual specs is still an option for the future. Some suggested allowing dual spec beginning at level 55. It never occurred to me that there would be a level requirement for this feature.

Do you believe the dual spec feature maintains utility with the max level requirement?

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