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Friday the 13th too cursed for Matrix Online update 66


We reported earlier in the week that The Matrix Online update 66 was due to hit servers yesterday, however community relations representative Virrago has informed the MxO players that the update will be pushed back to next week.

The patch notes on this update are still in the dark, and no one is quite sure what will be included with this update past the fixes for Windows Vista and the removal of storyline progression. It looks like the MxO team will be releasing the notes the day of the patch, keeping everything a surprise until the last moment.

Also up in the air is Ben "Rarebit" Chamberlain's leaving date, as his original intent was to leave after update 66 was pushed to the live servers. It would appear that he's staying with the team until the update is pushed, but that is unclear as of this posting. In any case, we wish him the best of luck with his future endeavors and thank him for all of his hard work putting together the innovative story of The Matrix Online.

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