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The Mushroom Kingdom doesn't have enough coins to buy this Mario pendant


This item, currently being auctioned off by eBay seller jewelryking, is perfect for the discerning customer who is:
  1. insane about Nintendo
  2. stuck in a Brewster's Millions-type situation, and
  3. probably the regular kind of insane, as well.
You are looking at a gold Mario pendant covered in 14.5 carats of round-cut diamonds, somehow in the appropriate Mario colors. This is, apparently, a real thing that somebody thought it would be a good idea to make, and then to let other people know that they made. According to the seller, the retail value of this Mario bauble is $11857.00, but you can Buy It Now for just $7,000.

This represents a missed opportunity for jewelryking, who we assume to be the creator of the pendant. Charles Hamilton is a rapper and thus a member of the only profession that could actually get away with wearing this monstrosity -- but he's a Sonic fan.

Update: commenter Rich points out something that we should probably say explicitly just in case: the chances of this thing being made of real gold and/or diamonds are very, very low. But that shouldn't matter because you were not going to buy this anyway.
[Via GameSniped]

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