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Hudson denies dropping Virtual Console support


Rumors have been going around that Hudson, once one of the most consistent sources of Virtual Console content, has officially decided to stop supporting the service. The evidence seems to support this claim -- specifically the fact that Hudson hasn't released a VC game outside of Japan since October. But is this policy, or is the company just busy with WiiWare games?

Siliconera asked Mike Pepe, Hudson's director of marketing, about its Virtual Console plans. "Although WiiWare has been very successful for Hudson," Pepe said, "we have every intention to continue supporting Virtual Console." He then asked the Siliconera audience what games they'd like to see on the Virtual Console from Hudson. We'd spam the comments with Dracula X: Rondo of Blood requests, but we don't know if Hudson has any say over games from their parent company, Konami. So we're just going to spam the comments with Ai Cho Aniki requests.

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