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Lionhead, Stormfront early concepts revealed in art

Jason Dobson

It's always curious to see the different stages of life game concepts go through before making it into our grubby hands. It's reason enough why we can't stop flipping through the website for conceptual design studio Leading Light. Among the treasures found on the site are some fantastic pieces dedicated to BioShock, as well as a some early artwork from a pair of Lionhead concepts labeled "Survivors" and "Justice."

Artwork for the former looks to be for an action game set against the backdrop of a catastrophic disaster, while the latter concept has a more futuristic, almost Blade Runner vibe. With Lionhead's Peter Molyneux set to talk on concepts his studio is tossing around next month during GDC, it'll be interesting to see if either of these projects is brought up during the panel. However, VG247 reports that according to a Lionhead rep, the pictures represent old material and neither project is in production at the studio.

Leading Light's site also includes concept art from a project labeled "Titan," including some jaw-dropping set pieces pitting giant bugs against an even bigger robot. The fantastic-looking idea was apparently drummed up by Sony's Stormfront studio before it was shuttered in April 2008. Sure, it's possible that any of these projects might someday see the light of day, but you'll have to forgive us if we don't hold our breath.

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